Łukasz Burdyna


About Me

Second year student at Wrocław University of Science and Technology on Faculty of Computer Science and Management. For a few months I’m also the second vice-chairman of Akademickie Stowarzyszenie Informatyczne and start my position as Linux Academy Coordinator. I’m a JVM fan and often WrocJUG guest who would like to start his way in IT industry as Java intern.

Throughout my adventure with programming I learned such technologies as: Spark micro web framework, Spring Framework, Spring Boot, JavaFX with Gluon Scene Builder, JPA, Hibernate (mostly as provider for JPA), H2 and PostgreSQL.

Moreover I used more than once in my projects:Maven, Gradle, JUnit, Lombok, org.json, Gson, Jackson, slf4j and Log4j. In my projects I tend to use standard library whenever it’s possible but don’t get me wrong - I’m not enamored of reinventing the whell. Libraries should be used where standard library isn’t enough.

I’m inspired by people like Jarek Ratajski, Koziołek and Gynvael Coldwind


Link shortener created with Spark Java

Jshorten is an url shortener made purely in Java 11. This project is supposed to be an easily-extendable url shortener to make the job as fast as You need it. It uses Spark framework with org.json, Thymeleaf as frontend template engine along with Bootstrap. Default implementation is available on Heroku. The performance of the site can be lower than expected due to the limits of free account - the app is forced to sleep after 30 minutes of no web traffic. The configuration uses Travis for CI. Quality is assured with tools such as: SonarCloud and Codecov.


Simplest blockchain implementation in Java

Title of the project says it all. It’s a basic implementation of simplest blockchain in Java 11. The project is not finished yet. In the future I’m going to implement P2P connection (either fully decentralized or with server node).


Wrocław University of Science and Technology

2017 - present

Bachelor of Science

Wroclaw University of Science and Technology is the leading scientific and educational centre in Poland. Its position among technical universities in both Europe and the rest of the world is increasing every year.

I’m a second year student at the faculty of Computer Science and Managment. For a few months I’m also the second vice-chairman of Akademickie Stowarzyszenie Informatyczne. Recently I took over Linux Academy Coordinator position in order to organise interesting events for ASI members and other students. If your company wants to organise lectures/workshops on PWr for students then I am the right person to talk to

Zespół Szkół Elektronicznych im. Ignacego Domeyki w Bolesławcu

2013 - 2017

IT Specialist diploma

4 year technical highschool finished with IT Specialist diploma. The diploma consists of 3 exams:

  • E12 - Assembly and operation of personal computers and peripherals
  • E13 - Local area networks design and networks managment
  • E14 - Creating of web applications and databases, and databases managment

Throughout these I was introduced to basics of computers, how they work, how they are designed and how to use them safely and efficently. This diploma required to learn basics of: HTML along with CSS, SQL and PHP

Get to know me

I’m interested in many aspects of Computer Science such as: backend web development, cryptography, blockchain and capture the flag tournaments (even though I do not participate in them). One of my greatest hobby is taking part in hackathons. I won my very first hackathon called Let’s Hack !T (organised by Credit Suisse) and am really proud of it. Being a part of the team in such event allowed me to learn new things very fast, for example I learned a bit of Python with Flask framework writing a simple app on last HackYeah in Warsaw. My uni lecturers taught me technologies like: OCaml, Scala or C++. One of my dreams is to become a professional speaker on IT conferences.

Programming is my passion but sitting in front of the screen can be exhausting so in my free time I enjoy playing volleyball, cycling or swimming. On holiday I choose mountain wandering (the Izera Mountains are my favourite).